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God has created this beautiful nature, with many of the living creatures to protect it. Our environment is so beautiful that there are many of the great artists who have to describe it by the help of the poem. There is immense importance of all the things in this nature.

Trees are the most beautiful living creature in this ecosystem, so planting the tree for nature is very much important. There is more use of the tree to this environment because this is only one living thing which never complains regarding its use. Trees are the best part of the situation.

Importance For The People

Trees are the boon of life for the people because trees are those who inhale the harmful gases from the environment, then after exhaling the oxygen for the people. If there are no trees in the background, then the living things in nature will also die.

This process will occur only if the people plant more and more tree if there is less amount of the tree than there will be the imbalance of the ecosystem. Many of the fruits, vegetables we get from the tree and the plants.

Importance Of Tree In The Forest

More amount of the tree has been seen in the woods only. There is a considerable dependence of the forest life for the tree, as we all know that the forest grows naturally.

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