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A park is a place where all the plants are being grown, and it can be said as the natural place which is built for the human enjoyment and also it can be used to protect the plants and animals and all the natural habitats. The park has many trees, plants, soils and many of the parks have the artificial monuments built.

A park is a place which is beautiful for all the people as small children can play in the parks, and old people come in the park to sit as there are many benches provided in a park and also many children can play football or many other games in the park. There are many slides and many of the games that have been built for small children to play. As the park is a beautiful place where all the people come to visit as it has many beautiful flowers, beautiful nature around the park so because of this most personal of the old age comes here to sit and cure their health problems as the beautiful things around the parks can cure the help problems of any person.

Making Of A Park

Mostly a park is made in an area for the enjoyment of the people around as by having a park in an area people can go there walk there and can be stressful because of the nature around the park. There are smaller and larger perks that are made, and smaller size parks are having limited amount of benches some of the slides that are made for children but in larger parks that have been mostly built in the urban areas has many slides, more benches and there are many open places for people to walk or Run, and also it contains many fountains and also it has many fish ponds. In this larger parks, people can go on picnics and enjoy and also people can bring their pets to the park as it has a bigger number of the area than the smaller park.

Some of the parks prohibit dogs but some are allowed as dogs can create dirtiness in a park and some areas like to keep clean their parks so people can able to enjoy it. Having parked in an area is useful as many people come close together because of it and people can make new friends because of it. In a park, we can see different types of flower that have been planted and also different types of birds and insects came to sit in the flowers and also we can able to see them. A park is a great thing which is built for public enjoyment.

Different Types Of Parks

There are the different types of Parks that have been made as many bigger areas such as the amusement park in which there are many rides and many big things that have been made in amusement for the people. There are some bigger parks in which there are built gymnasium swimming areas that have been built in a park, and it is mostly built in urban areas.

There are many national parks that have also been built for the safety of the animals, and it has been built at bigger conserved areas. Where there is proper safety for all the wildlife sanctuaries, having a park in a locality or an area creates a great atmosphere amongst all the people as all the people could be able to enjoy the beautiful nature around the park.

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