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Parisara samrakshana means the protection of our environment is an act to protect our environment from many of the environmental issues. By protecting the environment, we also have to protect our natural resources which are very much important in our life. Environment provides us with everything, and it has become very much harmful by our people and so because of this the environmental protection act has to be taken by the people to protect our environment so by this the things that environment gives us would be long live in the environment, and we can use the resources easily and could not harm our environment.

For the protection of our environment, it can be done in various methods and various ways, and it is necessary. By people using the natural resources and because of this the overuse of this natural resources has created many miserable effects to these resources as people use these resources for their profit and it harms the natural environment and because of this, it is not safe. By protecting our environment now, it could help us in our future.

Important To Protect

Environment protection plays an important role in protecting the environment from various hazards and depletion of natural resources which maintain the balance of natural resources present on the earth. Environment Protection also helps in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem, which is very useful for leaving a better ecological life. It is very important to protect the environment from not only the natural hazards but also from the people with business minded to use the natural resources from the environment for their profit and do not do anything for the environment. People should be aware of this and should not create hazardous things that could harm our environment such issues that can harm our environment is the pollution that is mostly created by the people such as water pollution air pollution noise pollution, and there are many other pollutions that harm the environment, and from this our environment needs to be protected.

People use water which is natural resources for their use, but the creates many harmful things in water and because of this the water is polluted, and the nature is not safe as air also we burn plastics or harmful gases which goes into the air and polluted air, and because of this it creates pollution and because of all this our nature gets disturbed and it creates environmental problems. As an example, we can say that many people use the energies that come from Earth and because of this sometimes it can cause the radioactive pollution, and because of this they do not care of nature and only use the energy for their use, and it should be protected by the people.

Protection Of The Environment In Countries

Every country creates pollution, and because of this, it harms the environment so for all these many governments of the countries have taken many acts to protect our environment such as in India our government has taken many issues that can harm the environment to get solve easily.

There also the various campaign that is running on which carries out the function of looking out on the environmental issues present in India and also provides a various solution to them. Also, spread awareness about the importance of protection of the environment for the animal present in them and also for maintaining the ecosystem. Mostly to protect our environment, India has started new ways such as to plant many trees and so because of this many trees our environment would get free from the pollution, and it is a very good actor that has been organized by India.

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