Essay On Overpopulation In India For Students & Children

What Is Overpopulation?

Our India is the second most country in the world which is more populated after China. Indian as cross the population that is about the 1 billion marks.

In every nook and corner of the country, we can see the increase in the population. That is whether we can see in the station, bus stop, airways and many more.

In spite of the fact that the population policies, family planning, and that welfare program are been undertaking by the government as now decrease the rate of the fertility of the population in India till the year 2050 will take the actual stabilization of the population in the country.

Causes Of The Overpopulation In India

The two main causes which are leading to the overpopulation in the country are as follows:

The birth rate is actually more than the death rate of the country. We are not successful in the decreasing the birth rate in India.

Comparing towards another country the fertility rate is much higher after taking the measures by the government of India.

There Are Some Of The Reason Why The Population Is Not Under The Control They, Are As Follows

Early Marriage System

This early marriage system is the most problematic one because the girls are been legally marriageable in the early stage that is 18 years they are put into this all problem.

In India marriage is a sacred obligation where the girls are been married at her reproductive age.

Poverty And Illiteracy

Another problem for the overcrowding in the country is the poverty and the illiteracy. So the poor people think that if there are more numbers of the members of the family then there would be more members to earn for the families.

Strange but true that India still lacks behind to use of contraceptives and birth control methods. Many of them are there who are not literate so they do not come to know the problems of the overpopulation in the country.

Age Old Culture

Indian people are those who that they always think about their norms said by their family members.

There is one fact that the sons are the bread earners for the family. So the elder people put pressure on the parents to produce till the male is born in the family.


Effects Of Overpopulation


Due to the overpopulation in the country has the problem towards the unemployment in the society. People who are been Graduate or taken the uppermost degree are also sitting at the home due to no job anywhere.

The number of literate people is more every year so the unemployment problem is been increased in the country.

Resources Utilization:

The resources such as the land, water resource, and the forest are overexploited. There is the scarcity of the resources.

Inequitable Income Distribution

The distribution of the income is unequal due to the increasing population, this is also due to the corruption is done by the rich people in India this creates the problem for the inequality of the income distribution in India.

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