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As people are getting increased day by day, it is said that every second there is one child born and the population is getting increased because of it. There is no family planning, in most of the couples they are not understanding the importance of family planning which is the reason of overpopulation.

Government Schemes

Indian government understands the problem of overpopulation and it is creating different-different kinds of schemes from which they can make the Indian people aware of the overpopulation problem.

As we all know India is the second-largest country after China and it is a very important thing to be considered because as the speed of people is getting increased we should understand that the competition is also going to be increased.

We are not making a proper plan for the care and the people who are not educated they don’t even understand what is family planning. The government is trying to make all the possible awareness of this problem and the government is giving its hundred percent to solve this problem.

Backward Villages

Now you must be thinking why this problem is big in the backward villages? Well, it is a very big reason due to a lack of education. The people are not well educated over there, they do not understand that increasing the population is making their life worse.

Because if you are not even capable of keeping a single child in daily needs, how can you afford to keep 2 to 3 children? Well, it is a very important concept which all the Indian people should understand and they should make sure that they are also aware of other peoples about it so that this problem could be solved.

Education System

Till today our education system is not capable of opening in all these problems with the kids. Well, it is very important that the kids should understand the importance of overpopulation but the education system is so poor that it does not even take any kind of responsibility for it.

They have a few general information which also the school is not ready to explain the kids. It is not the right way to win the future, the education system should make sure that the future which is about to come should understand all these kinds of problems before they begin their life.  

Lack of Food 

Now you must be thinking how could lack food can be a problem because of overpopulation? Every family has a portion of sufficient food to eat well it is true every family has food to eat but today also in India there are so many families who cannot eat twice in a day.

The reason behind this is that there are 3 to 4 kids in the house and they cannot afford each and everyone who can have food twice in a day. So they manage somehow to feed their kids once in a day and this is the reason is that kids are not getting the proper nutrition.

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Updated: January 8, 2020 — 9:39 am

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