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What Is The Environment:

An environment is a place where plants, animal, human being and many other creatures live along with many nonliving things. As the human being is the social animal and has is capable of thinking, speak and perform work, it is their responsibility to keep the environment clean and safe for themselves and even for others.

An environment is a primary home of everyone. It is a place where plants and animals grow naturally. One should not perform any selfish activity by which our natural environment would be in danger.

Component Of The Environment

All the things such as air, water, sunlight, land, fire, forest, animals, plants, etc. together form the environment. Everyone knows that in the universe it is only our planet which has life, so have we ever wondered why is it so? It is just because of the existence of the natural environment on earth.

While some of the other things are destroying the beauty of our natural environment which are as follows;

Plastic Bags

The plastic in nondisposable substance. If we put a plastic bag in the ground and after many years if we will see it, we will find it in the same way as it was before. Plastic get collects and create a huge environmental hazard. Even after burning, it is harmful, as it gives out various toxic gas which is very harmful for the inhalation. If the toxic gas is inhaled by any creature, it will cause the respiratory system.

Cutting Of Trees

Trees can absorb greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gas gives rise to global warming, which is a severe issue of the environment. Trees also attract the rain, and it is a home of many small creatures.

Wasting Water

When the water is lost in large quantity, the natural balance of aquatic life is get disturbed as it raises the temperature of receiving streams locally.

Wasting Electricity

The electricity is generated by burning of many energies. Coal, crude oil and many other fossil fuels is processed for the generation. If we waste power, it will consume more energy to generate it again which is a significant loss for the environment.

Air Pollution

Many industries and factories emit out the toxic gas which is very much harmful to our natural environment.

Water Pollution

Same as air pollution, many processing industries and factories release their polluted water in the river, pond, lakes, etc. which make unsafe the water for many creatures who depends on it.

Soil Pollution

Due to some of the natural calamity, or sometimes due to the harmful activity of human, the soil gets affected. The overuse of pesticide and insecticide damage the fertility of the soil.

We should correct our mistake and should try to reduce the level of pollution. One should protest against the cutting of the forest. The farmer should give the education to use the proper amount of fertilizer.


To conserve the environment is very much necessary for future generation. One should not make misuse of nature.

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