Essay On Organ Trafficking For Students & Children

What Is Organ Trafficking?

With the problem of Global crime in India, Organ trafficking has also become the declaration problem in the Country.

Organ trafficking is the recruitment, transport, transfer, harboring organ of living or deceased persons by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or benefits to achieve the transfer of control over the potential donor, for the purpose of exploitation by the removal of organs for transplantation.

There are some of the people who don’t want to do the hard work or the legal work.

In sort to earn the profit in a better beneficial manner so they kidnap the children then they remove the organ such as lungs, kidneys, blood, etc.

Then they remove sensory organ such as the eyes and they leave the children in the street to beg.

This all organ part is transported to another country many of the people are included in this illegal matter for the recruiter who seeks the organ donors, middleman, transporter, and seller of organs, contractors, medical staff and the doctors who perform surgeries for the organs transplant.

These arise due to the poverty in the country.

Transplant Of Organs

The term transplant tourism refers to the trade of the organs abroad that also includes access to an organ while avoiding the rules and laws of any country involved.

The term “transplant tourism” refers to the commercialism that relates to the illegal trade of organs, however, all the medical tourism is not illegal.

Transplant tourism is a major concern as it involves the transfer of organs in the direction depleting the regions from where the organs are supplied.

Major Causes Of The Organ Trafficking

High Demand And Low Supply

Due to the several health problems,s there is the failure of the organs of some humans. As the supply is low as the people don’t volunteer to give their organs after the death.

When the demand and supply are not same there is the upsurge in crimes like the Organ Trafficking.


When people are not left with anything to sell they sell their organs to pay off their debts or they remove the organs of their children to for the basic necessities even if they are paid less than the actual amount of the organ that the seller gets.

Lack Of Education

People are not aware of the long-term health hazards of selling the organs for lesser money and are unaware, that work done is illegal from the eyes of the government.

Medical Firms

The medicals and the doctors are also in this illegal work as they also make a profit by unnecessary taking off the organs from the patient body.

The criminal activity is also carried out by the doctors in the medical centers too.

They exploit the victims face further health problems due to lack of proper medical care post surgeries.

Hence all these problems create many of the negative effects towards society.

This resulted in criminal activities such as the kidnapping of children and human trafficking for the purpose of organs. The victims are also murdered in such cases.

The root causes the crime should be eliminated from the country so I request all the people to donate the eyes after the death which would give the sight to the living blind.

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