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Everyone in their life span tries to keep one or the other resolution on the New Year’s Eve but most of the time this resolution gets break. Only few people who have a strong will power can survive the resolution every year.

When we talk about the New Year resolution we just make this resolution to make sure that whatever wrong things we have done in the last year will not be repeat in this year this is the reason why we keep New Year resolutions.

Types of New Year Resolutions

Every year people tries to keep a resolution for them self so that they can follow that resolution throughout the year and make sure that the mistakes which they have done never repeat it again. Here we are going to talk about few of the resolutions which are very common which taken by the people every year.

Making Yourself Organised

People every year keep this resolution of making self-organised and doing there all work on time. But there are only few moments when people can do this properly, because most of the time people just ignore this resolution and work on their own convenience they do not follow their own organized plan and break their resolutions which is seriously not a good thing to do.

Getting up Early in the Morning

Getting up early in the morning is one of the famous resolution which people take on the New Year’s Eve. On the first day it’s totally working the same they get up early in the morning and go for the walk or jogging, they have plans but from the second day onwards the resolution is been broken. They feel that it is not the appropriate time to do all this and this is the reason they break their new year’s resolution.

Going to GYM Every Day

Every single day we plan to go to gym for our own fitness. On the New Year’s Eve we even take the resolution that we will go to the gym every single day without skipping any day.

On the first of every new years day they go to the gym do the hard work and burn all the facts but from next 2 to 3 days they just sit back home, eat all the unhealthy food and don’t even go to the gym.

So this is also one of the most counted resolution which people break every year on new year eve.

New Year Resolution Four Students

Every student every year makes the same New Year resolution that he is going to study every single day and make sure that all the study material which he requires will be utilised every single day.

The homework which is being given from the school or tuitions will be finished on the same day. All those resolutions are taken by the student every year and every single year resolutions are broken because of lack of focus into their studies.

If students have a focus mind to complete the resolution they can even study very well and score a very good marks in their academics.

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