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One of the herbal, shadowy and evergreen tree is a neem tree. It is a very omnipotent tree. The Neem tree is one kind of blessing to human beings from God.

Scientifically, Neem belongs from the Mahogany family. The scientific name of the tree is Azadirachta indica. Here Azad means free and direct means tree whereas indicia means origin in India. In short, it comes out as The free tree of India.

Native Place

Neem tree is mainly found in India, Myanmar, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, and Malaysia. The tree is declared as the State tree of Hyderabad Deccan. The tree of Neem is also proclaimed as the tree of the 21st century by the United States Of America.


During the initial stage of growth, the tree is not as strong enough to bear excessive cold, storm. Even it will not provide the shadow. Usually when the Neem tree becomes 3 to 6 years old starts bearing fruit and become entirely strong in 10 years.

The tree has a wide trunk which grows about 12 to 24 meter tall. The color of the leaves is dark green, slightly curved and pointed at the tip. The Neem tree bears the flower in between January to April while it gets matured from May to August. The seed of Neem is one inch long, and it’s, and the color is Yellow.


The tree needs a minimal amount of water to grow. It can grow in the dry-arid area. The most important it needs the sunlight. We find the tree of Neem in an open place.

Uses Of Neem Tree

As Neem is a herbal tree, it has various medicinal values.  Each part of the tree is useful to mankind. The small kids in India are massaged with the Neem oil.

The oil is also, used in cosmetics, and it helps in the treatment of Acne and pimples. The Neem oil is used as mosquito repellent. Neem leaves are used in the treatment of chicken pox.

The leaves of the tree are used to cure cut and rashes. Many people use the twigs of the Neem tree as a toothbrush to prevent toothache and gum disease.

The bark of the tree acts as an analgesic to cure the high fever of Malaria. The tea of Neem is taken by the people who have a headache.

In the remote area, we see the roof of the houses is made of Neem wood. The insect will never attack in the container of the stored grain if we put some of the Neem leaves in them. The Leaves will not directly kill the pest, but it slows down their growth.

There are many pest control medicine we find having Neem as an ingredient. The cake of the neem tree is act as an excellent fertilizer for the crops. Many countries focused on growing Neem tree to reduce the effect of global warming.


As the Neem tree is a great blessing. It has many medical as well as cultural values; We should always try to conserve the tree. One should encourage others to grow the Neem tree.

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