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Essay on Necessity is The Mother of Invention For Students in Easy Words – Read Here

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By the word of invention, you must have come to know what are we going to explore in this essay. Invention is something which makes the work easier for us and in the future, the inventions will be so different that we cannot even imagine it right now.

Invention for The Youth

Inventions have made the youth so lazy that whatever they want they can just get it within no time, everything they want they will get in their hands by the latest inventions. Inventions were done for the betterment of the public but the public is now using those inventions for the wrong purpose.

Need of Inventions

Now if we talk about the need for inventions we will come to know that if we want to invent anything we need the necessity of it. For example, our mobile phones what was the need to invent a mobile phone, well mobile is used to communicate with the people who are far away from us. This invention was required to communicate with each other without seeing our faces.

Now if we talk about computers. What was the need to invent the computer? Well in this busy world we all need to store the data in the form of electronic files because keeping the records of hundred years back is not possible for a human being.

Because human beings used to keep all these records on paper and the life of a paper is not a hundred years. That is why after the time the computer was invented to store the data for more than a hundred years even if something happens to the computer you can just remove the hard disk and can copied the data to another system in no time this was the need to do this invention.

Inventions in Science and Technology

Now if we talk about science and technology what is the necessity for inventions and explore the earth and even out of the earth. With the help of new inventions we have come to the success that now we can send a rocket out in space to just see that what is going on in the space.

Well, it is very hard to find what is going on in this space just by sending a rocket and some machines which are invented by the scientist but till date, we have so many successful innovations which helped us to reach the moon and even mass.

We all know that Mars is our greatest achievement from all time. Mars is the place where India is the 1st to send its satellite to capture the images and get information about the Mass planet.

The countries who are already developed didn’t even think about it and India which is a developing country got success in this impossible task done in a one try it was unbelievable to do this. The scientist of India has done the impossible work possible in one try and even having the lowest budget of all time.

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