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Nature is like a mother, take care of all our needs without asking for anything. Nature is our way of life, which not only incorporates us in our region, gives us food, water, pure air, but also provides a lot of resources for free, which makes our life very easy.

What is Nature? 

Nature the environment that surrounds us, pays attention to us and nurtures us every moment. It provides a protective shield around us which protects us from harm. Without nature like air, water, land, fire, sky, etc., we are not able to live on earth.

Nature is in many forms around us like trees, forests, land, wind, river, rain, pond, weather, environment, mountains, desert, etc.

The Beauty of Nature 

God has made everything about nature, very beautiful so that our eyes can never get tired. What a beautiful sight it is with the sunrise morning, It’s melodious, when the birds sing, It’s the happy feeling, to hear the sound of the pond and rivers, the garden’s greenery has a happy moment with friends in the evening.

But now we have forgotten to enjoy the beauty of nature due to our family responsibilities.

Some Reasons That Are Affecting Mature 

Modern Development 

Man is constantly exploiting nature indiscriminately. Humans are responsible for the sharp shortage of resources. Nature’s resources are limited, we should balance their use. Nature has suffered due to modern development.

Indiscriminate cutting of trees and depleting forests are destroying nature. Instead of green trees, big buildings and factories are being built. The beauty of nature is from trees, plants, and wildlife, but they are constantly falling.

Air Being Polluted

The smoke emitted from the factory also damages nature. It is similar to a poison that causes air pollution. Smoke also comes out of the burning of fuel from vehicles. These things are very harmful to nature.


Mineral properties are being exploited excessively. Minerals like coal, iron, zinc, gold are heavily mined. The mining of minerals gives toxic effects in the air. They are causing great harm to nature.


The growing population is also harming nature. The increase in population over the last few decades has led to a severe shortage of resources. Increasing urbanization is also responsible for damaging nature.


Man has done the most harm to nature by becoming selfish. Man generated waste is also destroying the beauty of nature. Plastic is the most dangerous waste that destroying nature.

Protect Nature

To protect the environment, we need to improve human activities so that there is a balance between humans and the environment. To protect the environment from distress, we must properly dispose of contaminated air and waste from the factories.

So that we can preserve our environment by preventing pollution like air, water, and land. We must stop deforestation to protect the environment. And we should also plant trees. We should also reduce the use of wood and paper products. Instead, we should use e-paper or e-book.


Nature is an important part of our life about which we should also tell our children from their childhood itself.

Updated: March 20, 2020 — 8:19 am

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