Essay On Natural Resources In Simple English For Students & Children

Define Natural Resources

Natural resources are those resources which are been gifted by the god. Man does not have to work to derive these resources. Some of the resources are water, air, sunlight, wood, minerals and natural gases. While some of the resources are available abundant and others take time to form and are not available as free.

Types of natural resources

There are two types of the natural resources they are as follows

Natural Renewable Resources

Renewable natural resources, as the name suggests are the ones that can be renewed naturally and used over and over again. Water, solar energy, wood, biomass, air and soil fall into this category. While many of these resources such as water, air, and sunlight are easily renewable it takes time to renew natural resources such as wood and soil. Renewable resources are further categorized into organic and non-organic.

Non-Renewable Resources

These are those resources which cannot be recycled or they can’t be renewed, it takes time to form again. Coal, oil, minerals and natural gases are examples of non -renewable natural resources. Non-renewable natural resources derived from living organisms are called organic natural resources. One of the examples of this can be fossil fuel.

Uses of Natural Resources

Natural resources are very useful for the all living organisms in this world. These things make life to leave easier and comfortable. Here are some of the uses of the natural resources.


A resource which is available in the plenty is the solar energy. These generate the solar power which can be used in various ways by applying the solar panel at the top of the house roof.


Air is used to generate wind energy. Windmills are employed to generate the same. It is used for various purposes such as grinding grains and pumping water.


Without water, there is no life in this world. Water is used to generate the electric power. It is also used for various cleaning tasks and cooking also the water is used.


Minerals are used for generating several items that are used in our day to day lives. Wires, aluminum cans and parts of automobiles are among some of the things that are made with different kinds of minerals. Minerals such as gold and silver are used to craft jewelry.

Natural gases


These are used to generate electricity.  These gases are used in the kitchen purpose.


Coal is used for the purpose of generating the electricity and also for the purpose of cooking.


Plants offer a number of natural resources such as wood, fruits, and vegetables. While fruits and vegetables are essential to keep the living beings alive, wood is used to manufacture various pieces of furniture, paper, and other products.


Animals also provide numerous natural resources. They provide milk which is used to produce curd, cheese, butter and many other dairy products. Animal fur and skin are also used to derive various clothing items and other things of necessity. Woolen sweaters and caps, leather belts and bags, silk saris and bed linens are among some of the things made with the natural resources derived from animals. Since animals should be also protected to safeguard the natural resources for the future generation.

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