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The natural conservation is the conservation that is used to protect the resources and the natural world and biological diversities that are present in our environment. The sources in the environment such as water sunlight atmosphere minerals vegetation and also the animals are being depleted day by day, and with a rapid pace due to the overutilization and because of this it has become important to conserve the nature, and it should always be protected get to the proper ecological balance.

Conservation of the environment beings the balanced environment on earth. As this resources are very much useful for the human beings as well as for the other living beings they should be protected as these resources makes comfortable to all the people and as well as animals and other living things, and as they are depleting day by day this should be protected by the people as it is in the hands of them to conserve the nature.

Types Of Resources

Natural resources are classified into two they are renewable resources and nonrenewable resources renewable resources are the resources that are used, and they couldn’t get over, and the non-renewable resources are the minerals fossils who formed slowly and do not form naturally.

There are also resources that are abiotic and biotic-abiotic resources are these resources that come from nonliving things and nonorganic material such as the natural resources including water air land and metals in the biotic resources are derived from living beings like animals plants humans this category also include the fossil fuels.

Ways To Protect The Environment

There are many methods to conserve the nature such as the to restrict the usage of water as by restricting the use of water and use them less the people would not be able to pay huge price for it as because of the pollution that is people creating it has created an imbalance in the nature and because of these the resources are getting depleting and mainly the water is getting depleted, and it is a very useful thing for the people so people should use it less as they can be used more and more in future.

Trees are the main things of our environment, and many people cut trees for their use so when people cut trees they should plant more and more trees and as well as grow many vegetables at their home as because of these there would be more plantation and because of the trees the nature problem be solved and by this it can solve the environmental problems of nature.

People should mostly use the recycling method by this the waste such as paper cardboard metal tin glass bottles plastics can be recycled and reused as by this they couldn’t be able to harm the environment, and people can also reuse them easily. People should spread awareness of the importance of conservation of nature as it is very much important to know all the people that nature is a gift from the god that has been given to us and it should be protected as well.

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