Natural Calamities

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What Are Natural Calamities:

Natural calamity is a disaster caused by the act of nature. These are the disaster on which human being does not have any control over. There is no time fixed for the occurrence of these natural calamities.

The calamities can occur in any of the forms, but the impact of all the disasters is the same means it as the massive impact on the place where it has been taken place.

Types Of Natural Calamities:


When there is a sudden release of energy in the earth crust, the earthquake occurs. It produces the seismic wave in the coat. The point from where the earthquake originates is called seismic focus.

The occurrence of this disaster destruct many wildlife animals, take the life of human being and also spoilt the residential areas.


The water which submerges the land by overflowing of water is called Flood. When the flood occurs, the property which is not usually covered by the sea seems the wet area.

When the water of the river or lake overflow from its boundaries, the flood occurs.


When the series of waves caused in the waterbodies by the displacement of heavy water, mainly occurs in the ocean or sea. A tsunami can also happen when the undersea earthquake takes place.

Tropical Cyclone

When the storms are formed over the ocean is giving rise to the tropical cyclone. There are many names called this disaster. Tornado, hurricane, cyclonic storms, typhoon. Every region uses different names.


When the soil of the land dries in an unusual way which is caused by the scarcity of rainfall over a long period than the dryness occurs in the region.

The drought even arouses when the hot, dry winds blow, high temperature and when the moisture from the atmosphere is getting evaporated. There arises a shortage of food and water during this disaster.

Forest Fire

The forest fire is a natural calamity which occurs in the wild areas. The reason for the occurrence of forest fire is the drought, thunder lightning. This calamity has a massive impact, as they can destroy the residential area of human as well as of animals.


When the mantle of the earthworks and so the magma forms. This magma gives out the hot lave, which accumulates inside the earth, at a time when the temperature rises to a certain level, it burst out called as a volcano.


When the ground/ land becomes very weak to support the pillars built on it, the land there collapses producing a sinkhole. It also hurts the area where it has occurred.

Relief Plan

The department of agriculture and cooperation has appointed the relief commission which looks the matter or the helping hand when the natural disaster occurs.


There are many NGOs who give knowledge about what action should be taken when natural calamities occur. One should follow the same. People should help one another at the time of natural disaster.

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