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The national sports day is celebrated on 29th August; this day is celebrated because to keep in the mind of that person who made the proud feeling of our country that is India.

This day is celebrated on the birthday of Dyan Chand on 29t August, he is the hockey player who made the India proud in many of the Olympic by giving the gold medals for the country, and this causes very proud to the country, so he also got awarded with the Padma Bhushan in the year 1956, so playing for the country is very much interesting and this makes India stand in front of all the other country, so all the people are proud of this person, as hockey is the national game of our country so we should be also proud of it and support the people who are interested in sports.

Sports are very important in every people life like the people are very skilled in the field of the sports then to there are some of the people who never support the people who are very much interested in sports, today the sports have become the interesting field many of the people go and choose tis field if they are extremely interested in the field of the sports as many of the importance in the life of the people there are many of the sports in the country they are the cricket, kabbadi and there are many of the sports in which the people are very much talented, and they are very much practice in the same field of the sports.

Why Is The National Sports Day Celebrated?  

The national sports day is celebrated to make them aware for the youth about the importance of the sports and if the talent is there then we should represent in the form of our country as there is no discrimination in the sports field about the girls playing and the boys because today the girls are also in the part of the sports they are also proving that they are equal to the boys.

Some of the children have the talent, but they waste it by thinking that was the use of being the sportsman, on this many of the programs are held by the people to bring out the new talent from the hidden forest, so competition is also set to make this day very interesting and special, all the sportsman in our country who made the country very much proud they are remembered on this day.

There are many of the advantages of the sports it makes our body physically fit, and our body get the specific exercise and this is very important, many of the sports academics make many of the advantages for the people who can’t effort it they get the chance, and this makes many of the people to come front in the sports field, we should always make out our talent towards the country this will help to make the country to make more proud feel.

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