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 India is a country of diversity. Here people of various castes, religions, prostitutes and different religions reside. Their festivals are also different. These festivals pave the way for new happiness and innovation in their life. Apart from these festivals, Independence Day, Republic Day and Gandhi Jayanti are national festivals which celebrate the whole nation together.

These national festivals bring the entire Indian masses into the form of unity. These remind us of the Amar Shahidas and patriots who fought for life for the country’s independence and also cherished their lives to preserve the independence, glory, and prestige of the nations.

Independence Day is celebrated on the fifteenth day of August every year. The date of August 15 is very important for all Indians because on this day our country was independent after centuries of long English slavery. On this day we took over the reins of power and hoisted India’s tricolor flag on the historic Red Fort.

This freedom is the saga of the Bhagirath efforts of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi and the sacrifices of many great leaders and patriots. This freedom is even more important because India gets freedom, not with guns, but on the path of great ideals, truth, and non-violence of Gandhiji.

Every year on the 15th of August, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India hovers the National flag (Tricolor flag) on the Red Fort and in the address of the nation, the last year gives an account of the works done by the government, and many new schemes are announced.

This festival is celebrated in Delhi with special fanfare. On this day special types of events are organized in place. The atmosphere around patriotism wakes up the entire atmosphere. There is a national anthem after the hoisting of the flag. The lights of the lights in the night, especially when the decoration of the Parliament building and Rashtrapati Bhawan is seen.

Like August 15, January 26th, ‘Republic Day’ is also our national festival. Our Constitution of our country was enforced on 26 January 1950 AD. Our Constitution is the world’s most elaborate constitution. On this day our nation becomes a full autonomous republic, which means India is declared as a sovereign republic. The Republic Day reminds us of January 26, 1930, because on this day the full independence day was celebrated for the first time under the chairmanship of Nehru.


The Republic Day is celebrated especially in the Capital of India, Delhi. On this day at 8.00 pm, the Prime Minister receives the President with his Minister in the Vijay Chowk. This day is the main attraction of the Parade Festival which begins from Vijay Chowk and goes to the Red Fort. The first of the parade in the parade, water, space and air, the heads of the three armies salute the honorable President.

After this, attractive points of all the states of the country are presented. The parade reflects the rise of the nation’s scientific, art and culture. Various types of cultural programs are also organized in schools, offices, state capitals, etc. in other parts of the country.

Gandhi Jayanti is also our national festival, which is celebrated every year on October 2 in the auspicious memory of the birthday of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi was an aged man under whose leadership the country attained freedom from hundreds of years of English slavery. The path of ‘truth and non-violence’ that he showed us is exemplary for all.

Gandhiji made a lifelong effort to provide society with the neglected and Dalit community in society. They were the most antagonistic of untouchability. To overcome India’s poverty, he inspired all the people to run charkha. Every year on 2nd October, we pay tribute to all the Indian Yugpuras, Mahatma Gandhi.

Prakasharpharias are extracted on October 2, across the country. On this day in his memory, various types of meetings, seminars, and cultural programs are organized throughout the country. On Gandhiji’s samadhi Rajghat, the President, Prime Minister and other special people of the country pay floral tributes. Mahatma Gandhi immortalizes the whole atmosphere echoes with the slogans.

Our national festival is a source of inspiration for national integration. These festivals bring joy and pleasure to the hearts of all Indians and motivate them to take the resolution that we will not let the sacrifices of the Amar martyrs be wasted and will always remain dedicated to the protection, glory and its upliftment of our country.

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