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Most of the people know what the national bird of India is and the kids who have started learning will come to know in their school duration. Well, the peacock is the national bird of India.

Beauty of Peacock

India is famous for its colour and even the phone we can’t even take one thing which makes so famous India all over the world. Today everyone is ready to appreciate the work of Indians because the work which is done by Indians is tremendous and beautiful.

The people understand the importance of colour in India and how Indians are very much connected to the colour. It also indicates the colourful mines of India this could be one of the important reason that India’s national bird is none other than a peacock which carries more than 15 to 20 colours on his body.

India’s Beautiful Bird

All over world Peacock which is India’s national bird is very famous and the number of peacocks in India is too much. There are separate places There are separate places where the peacocks Can’t live without any problem of food or other animals eating them.

Peacock is a very beautiful card and the skin of Peacock is also very smooth and soft other animals always think to eat the peacock. So we as the Indian know that because needs a special safety than the other animals that are the reason why peacocks are kept very much secure in the farms.

Peacocks are also connected to the Hindu mythological stories. The peacock is used by God for travelling one place to another. When it sounds very foolish that a peacock which is softer than cotton how could anyone set on it and travel from one place to another. But this is a story in the Hindu Mata logical and Indians believe in eight with their all faith.

Travellers See Peacock         

Peacocks travel in some specific places and India is one of those specific places. Travelling from one country to another is very hard for any bird but when it comes to seeing the beauty of birds. Travellers pay a lot to just see one single bird which has so many different colours and values in it.

India is one of the famous countries for travelling. We all know about the seven wonders of the world and from that Seven Wonders of the World one wonders of the world which are known as the TajMahal is in India. Apart from that India has also so many different cultures and different values to words the travellers.

The people who come from different countries love to do birds watching. In this, they like to see different kinds of birds doing their ordinary things but for them, it is a very extraordinary effect.

Four examples you must have seen people waiting for hours for just the Peacock to open his feathers in front of everyone. Well, the moment is very beautiful when the pic off does this and it is a very attractive thing to watch.

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