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These days, one country in Indian politics is talking about one election – One Nation One Election, which is about to see differences among political parties, many political parties, one country is in favor of an election, so many political parties are in opposition to this.

But what is the opinion of one nation – One nation One Election – it is very difficult to know because most people do not know that one country is one election.

Indian Constitution

According to the Indian Constitution, the elections are three-level: Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, Nagar Palika or Panchayat. It is believed that elections that take place from time to time make democracy stronger. Because it does not dominate anyone over the country.

At the same time, representatives are afraid of losing their power, so they are engaged in working for the betterment of the people.

But due to the Lok Sabha elections and assembly elections on different occasions, there is a lot of money spent in the election process, which directly impacts the country’s economy. Because of which a country has proposed an election.

First Election

One country, one election means that both the Lok Sabha and the Vidhan Sabha elections will be together in the country. Which will cut more than half the cost of the election process? The first election of a country for an election was held by the Election Commission in 1983.

After that, the Law Commission headed by Justice BP Jeevan Reddy in 1999 also said that the country should return to the system where the Lok Sabha and the assembly elections are together. After this, in the year 2015, the Parliament’s Standing Committee also talked about the elections together.

Advantages Of One Country One Election

The biggest advantage of a country through one election is that the bills and schemes are stuck due to elections. Passing those which affect the lives of the people do not have much effect in passing them. That’s because all the elections are held in one country only for the one country, which the Central Government and the State Governments get more time for the public’s work.

Apart from this, human resources are also ruined during the elections. At the same time, those who have supported an election in one country, say that there will be stability in Indian politics too.

One Nation One Election Disadvantages

Actually, the biggest problem of one country is that if a country is elected, then the constitution will have to change. That’s because both the Lok Sabha and the Assembly have their own dignity and operation process and if the central government falls in the Lok Sabha for some reason. In this situation, either the Lok Sabha elections will have to wait for the Assembly to complete its term.


Although the Election Commission says that if the consensus is formed, then one country is capable of holding one election. However, this will have to change the constitution. Also, one nation will have to find a way to end the losses of one election.

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