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If we talk about the person who is the President of India. Mr.Narendra Modi well there would be no one in India right now who doesn’t know about him he is one of the greatest leaders we have right now. Today India is getting developed just because that’s one person.

History of Narendra Modi

Before becoming a prime minister of a country which is having the second largest population. He was selling TVs in the railway station now you can imagine a journey from a railway station tea boy to a prime minister.

Well, it just seems impossible but it is a truth Narendra Modi was the person who traveled so long. That is the reason that Narendra Modi is very well aware of the problems and difficulties which a common man can face.

He was born in Gujarat but after understanding the condition of his country he started exploring other places. An slowly and steadily he visited each and every state in the country. He tried to finish the problems which were there but as a common man, he was not capable of doing it.

But he understood that if a common man becomes an important person. He can do anything that was the moment when his journey got started and he started focusing on his Indian citizens.

Narendra Modi‘s Personal Life

Now if you are curious to know about his personal life. Well, he is a guy of transparency he has nothing to hide and nothing to say. if we talk about his family right now according to the people he just had his mother who is around 90 years of age.

But if we see it from the Narendra Modi‘s point of you he is having a family off Billions today. The whole country is a family for him and as a president, he is doing whatever his family needs him to do.

There is no one in the whole country who is upset because of his any kind of decision and no one will be upset in the future also. His decisions are harsh to words the normal people but it is a very important decision to be taken he understands the importance of life.

Fightback Quality

Now if we talk about the fightback quality which Narendra Modi has in himself you would be surprised. That going through a journey from a tea boy on the station till prime minister of a country India was not so easy. He had to fight every step of his life and he never stops fighting back that is the reason he is the prime minister of India right now.

Now if we talk about the fightback quality in Narendra Modi we would also talk about the fightback quality he has for his family. Yes, the people of his country know that if anything happens to them there is a great leader sitting and watching behind us and if anything goes wrong he knows how to strike that problem very well.

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Updated: January 10, 2020 — 10:50 am

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