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India is my country. My country is very lovely and strong in every stream. Even India has faced many crises in terms of politics, social and economics.

Still, India is suffering from some of the problem or crimes which should be rooted immediately, but there are some people who are very selfish, they only think about their betterment, country or the other citizen is nothing for them.


Among many issues, corruption is one of the issues which is leading in India for many years. India is a rich and developing country but it has to make certain changes in order to become deloped country from a developing country.

It is truly said, money is everything. Some of the people who have power with them for the betterment of their nation, but instead of using those power for the development of the nation they use for themselves and ask money from the poor people.

Corruption In Hospitals

An individual doesn’t suffer from corruption when they become mature it happens since the child is in the womb of her mother. Many hospitals ask to do the c-section delivery of the mother even if it not need to charge more money from the family.

Corruption In Admission

If the child is seeking admission in the good college which will be beneficial for the future of him facing a lot of issue in getting the admission in the same due to the disease like corruption.

Government Initiation

Our honorable prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi Ji on 8th November demonetize the notes of 500rs and of 1000rs due to the duplicates printing of the notes.

Due to the demonetizing many of the corrupt people were caught while submitting the old currency for exchanging old with a new one.

Good Service Tax

But, still, many of the corrupt people are still saved from the eye of the government. Also to reduce the corruption again the new technique was applied in the tax payment which is known as the GST Good service tax. GSTĀ  is the single tax which has to be paid by the consumer when they purchase any item.

Earlier the consumer was forced to pay much different taxes such as vat and many more which were quite confusing for the citizen.

My Vision

Now, my vision for corruption is Mr. Narendra Modi Ji has taken the good step to eradicate the corruption from the society but still, we have not seen the end of this social issue.

the government should make some different technique to catch the corrupt officer red-handed and should expose them to the world, so no other people will ask for the corruption.

Every individual should protest against corruption, to bring up the changes in society. The middle-class people are the most suffered of this social evil. All the family who belong from the middle or poor class wait for the good outcome from the government initiation. Citizen of India should leave the habit of bribing it is the root cause of corruption.

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