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Essay On My Teacher For Class 1 Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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The teacher has a vital role in shaping their student’s life. Every people have a teacher in their life. A  teacher is the one who not only teaches the lesson only from our syllabus but also teaches the experience of life and also helps us to become a good human being.

My Teacher

My class teacher name is Kavita Sinha. She is from Bihar state. She is highly qualified in the teaching field.


We always find Kavita miss in very smooth attitude. The best quality of her which I like that she always wears a smile on her face. She is very friendly with the other teachers, peon and with all the students. From the starting hours till the last period of school she seems very energetic.

Teaching Manner

Kavita Mam teaches us English, EVS and Value Education subject. She explains in such a simple style that anyone can understand the lesson very quickly.

Not only me but also all the other students in the class seems very interested during her course. Kavita miss has lots of fun technique to make us understand the chapter. Because of her friendly and calm nature, there are the students who take Kavita miss for granted.

Whenever the students become naughty through her love, she makes them understand that student should not misbehave in the school.

Kavita miss possesses high energy and excitement while teaching. If she found that any of the students are weak in her subject, she even takes their extra class to make them understand the chapters clearly. In spite of her matter also if we ask queries about another subject, she clear us that too.

Time Management

We have always seen Kavita teacher come to school at the proper time. She also comes to their respective period on time, and as soon the bell rang she go at the correct time.

Kavita miss always teaches us the value of time.


 Kavita miss dressing is very simple and is the thing which enhances her beauty. Daily on school hours, she is wearing salwar kurta, and on some of the other function, we have seen her wearing saree.

As she is fair in color, she wears dresses which will suit her personality.  Kavita miss does not wear unnecessary makeup. Yes, she always put Kajal to her eye.

Parents Approach

At the time of parents meeting or the day of result, Kavita miss seems very calm and also severs a positive attitude towards all. After the meeting, most of the parents comes toward her asking about their children academic representation.


From among all the teacher, she is not the only favorite of mine but also of my parents. She describes the matter to parents so positively and calmly.

She is also a good caretaker; it is only because of her that I am going for school picnic since last three year.  She makes student enjoy the picnic too.


It is indeed said that teachers are the second mother and Kavita miss proves this correctly. I wish to have Kavita miss as my teacher throughout life.

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