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Sister is the most precious gift of God. It is said that a sister must be there, be it small or big. If you have an older sister, you get a counselor and if you have a younger sister, you get a good friend. Today, in this essay, we are telling you about my dear sister.

Mischievous Payal

I also have a very cute, bubbly and naughty little sister who always does mischief. Her name is Payal, but everyone lovingly calls her jaadu. She is two years younger than me and is in class 8th now. She is very smart in reading and clever in studies in school.

She speaks a lot and keeps everyone busy with her talk, at home. Every time she keeps on laughing & smiling, she is very cheerful. When she becomes upset or stubborn about small things, she looks very cute.

Her Hobbies

Payal loves cycling and reading. She also likes to dance and to write poems. Every now and then in her free time, she keeps on reading books, and play music channels on TV and keeps dancing the whole day.

She also participates in dance in her school functions. Every time she tells our father to bring good inspiring books for her to read. Payal is a very good dancer, she has won many prizes in the school for her dance performances.

Her Caring Nature

Payal is very helpful, she helps everyone, whether in our house to help our mom in household work, or her school to help her friends with their school studies. She always tells me her things and shares everything with me.

She always stands with me whenever I am in need. Sometimes she talks like a friend and we go shopping together. She is my best friend with whom I can talk anything without hesitation.

It always encourages me for every task. She also helps me with my work & projects.

Loving Payal

Vector cartoon girl daily routine activity set. The female character wakes up, stretch, brushing teeth doing gymnastics, toilet, dressing up eat breakfast play cat, cube toy. Illustration kid life schedule

 Payal is the darling of all in our house, as she is the youngest in our house, all her wishes are fulfilled by my family. Sometimes she scolds me like an elder sister and even persuades me when she is angry.

Her tantrums never end, but her actions here make her different. She is very different from all, she is very loving.

Beautiful Payal

Payal is really very beautiful, in fact, beautiful than me. She looks like my dad. She is tall, fair skin, big eyes, short hairs, cute smile with dimples. Everyone compliments Payal for her looks.

Have Fun Together

 My sister is the sweetest sister in the world. We have a lot of fun together. As I have a scooty, we every time go for a ride in our free time. Even though it is my scooty, but every time she only drives it.

We every time take a ride to have gol gappas or pizza whenever we are hungry. We share a brilliant bond together.


I always want to see Payal happy in her life. She must get all the happiness of the world. I always pray to god for her health and wealth. I love my jaadu a lot.

Updated: March 20, 2020 — 7:21 am

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