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Essay On My Role Model For Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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My father is ideal for me. Because they are an ideal father, they have all the qualifications that are in a superior father. They are not only my father but also my best friends who, from time to time, warn me by making me look good and bad.

Dad encourages me to do not give up and always learn to move forward. Nobody can be a good guide from their father. Every child learns all the attributes of his father only, who is responsible for adjusting him according to circumstances throughout his life. They always have an invaluable treasure of knowledge to give us, which never ends. Some of their key features make them the most special in the world, such as –Endurance.

Dad’s most important quality is that he always works endlessly and always does not lose his temper. Under every circumstance, they proceed with understanding calmly and maintain patience even in serious cases.


I have always learned from the father that whatever happens, we should never lose control over ourselves. Daddy always completes every task successfully with modest attitudes. They never rage at me or on the mother without reason for small things.


Dad always teaches us to live in discipline, and they are disciplined. From morning till night, their whole routine is disciplined. They get up early in the morning and go for office to daily work and return to the home. They also take me in the garden every evening to take me in the garden. After that, they study all the subjects in school.


Dad is serious about all the tasks of the house and all the people of the family and their health. They do not even look at small things, but take everything seriously and explain it to us.


Daddy loves me, and all the people in the family, they do not let any shortcomings in the house and also fulfill our needs and needs. In any case, they always lovingly explain to us rather than scolding us and tell us to refrain from repeating the consequences of mistakes.

Big Heart

Father’s heart is very big, many times they do not have the money, they forget their needs and fulfill our needs and sometimes unnecessary needs. They never let us or family members crave for anything. Giving, even when children do not make any big mistake, Dad always apologizes for a while after showing anger.

Daddy does not always tell himself any problems, but he takes full care of the needs and problems of the people of the house. Due to these very characteristics, the father’s greatness increases even more and cannot be compared to anyone in the world. Fathers are the real form of God on earth for each child.

They also forget their pleas for giving happiness to their children. They work hard for their children in the night, and they want to give them every facility that they never got. Many times, even in small pay salaries, fathers get absorbed in debt to give good education but never show any trouble to the children…! Perhaps that is why fathers are the most important in the world.

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