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Human raises many types of animals and birds for their hobby. People usually bring home dogs or cats as their pets. The cat is seen reared as a pet in the house, usually, we only get to see dogs as a pet in many houses. I also have a pet which is a cat. The cats are very cute as a pet, they also like to live with humans.

About Cats

The cat has four legs and its claws have pointed nails with the help of which its grip is strong and it can hunt mice. Whenever it goes for hunting, there is no sound of its feet, it is the specialty of cats. It is found in white, brown, black colors.

Cat has two bright eyes, with the help of which it is able to see clearly even in the dark, the color of its eyes can be green, blue, grey, brown, yellow, black.  A kitten has 26 teeth in its mouth while an adult cat has 30 teeth in its mouth. The weight of an adult cat is 5 to 8 kg. It can give birth to 1 to 10 children at a time.

Why Did We Bring a Pet Cat?

Many of my friends and neighbors had pets in their house and I also wanted a pet. I often asked my mother to bring me a puppy or a kitten but they always rejected my wish and said that they did not have time to take care of it.

I again requested my parents to get me a pet. So they finally decided to fulfill my wish. I was very happy to hear that. Then Jimmy came into my life. Jimmy has been with us for last year.

About My Pet Cat

She also obeys me and my family members’ orders. My mother makes food for her every day. She finishes her meal and makes sure not to spread it around. Jimmy sits around me every once in a while. Jimmy loves eating fish.

My mom especially goes to the market twice a week and brings fresh fish to Jimmy. Jimmy not only eats raw fish but also fried fish which we often make for ourselves.

I and my mother bath Jimmy once in two weeks, it’s fun while bathing my cat. We brush Jimmy’s teeth once a week. In winter we wear a jacket to protect her from cold.

Jimmy’s Habits

My cat loves to relax, she is mostly sleepy and a lazy animal, her body is very flexible. The muscles of my cat’s body are very flexible due to which it is able to make long jumps and it does not get hurt even when falling from a height.

I have kept my pet name as Jimmy. Jimmy is very fond of playing while at the same time it behaves very well.


We made a small cat house for my pet in a corner of our house but she always crawls into my bed and sleeps with me. I like spending time with Jimmy. We love each other very much.

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