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I have seen god.yes. Indeed I am talking about my parents. They are good for me because, it is only because of them I am living in the globe, enjoying here. A great salute to my parents.

My parents are my ideals. They even possess supernatural power because whenever I am stuck in any situation, they take me out from the matter so calmly and makes me understand about the good and evil.

As parents mean, I am here talking about my mom and dad. Now, let me define my mom. It is only because of here that our home has become the house of love and devotion. She is a pretty sweetheart as well as active every time.

My mother is designated as an English teacher in a reputed school. Though she is a working woman, she balances her personal and professional life so fantastically.

She wakes up early in the morning for the preparation of breakfast and lunch for all. She works so fast and efficiently that we reached offices and school daily on time. It is only because of mom that dad has received the award of punctuality.

Later on, she cleans the house, does her prayer and goes to work. She takes my studies, even help dad in his projects. She prepares the worlds yummiest food. In spite of waking early in the morning, she seems energetic till night. She always teaches me the path of honesty and truth.

Now, here I will tell you about the hero of my life, the pillar of my family. Yes, I am talking about my father. My father is an engineer. He works on the international level. My father is a very calm person. He rises early in the morning. He goes to morning walk, after returning from the park, he even helps mom in household chores.

My dad has fantastic time management, and he always teaches the value of time. After his walk an all, he takes a bath and gets ready for office. He lefts from home to reach office at sharp 9 am.

At the evening he returns at 7 pm. He always enquires me about my studies and results. Many times he helped me in my projects too. He even plays cricket and indoor games with me. He finished his dinner with the whole family. After dinner, dad takes us for a small night walk. After we returned from walk mom and dad, give me sweet kisses, and we all go to bed.

I have great respect for my parents. No matter how much busy they are in their professional life but they both take out the time to care and nourish me with proper guidance and love. They always guide me to speak the truth, not to betray anyone.

I am so blessed to have a parent like them. I will never leave them alone. I love my parents very much.

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