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What Is A Hobby:

A hobby is a favorite activity of an individual. Generally, people work on their hobby when they are free from work, or when feel boredom, the hobby has the magic to enlight the individual and also give immense pleasure and enjoyment.

Develop From The Early Stage

An individual can conclude their hobbies from the early stage itself, but there are some who later on make some choices. However, developing from early life, help to enhance the creativity of the activity. As every human being is different from another one, similarly every person has different thought and taste for life.

Every individual passes their recreational time by doing some or another thing. Indeed it is said that no individual is happy without their hobbies. Hobby takes place when we sit with ourselves.

My Hobby

Every person as a different hobby. Some like the activity of dancing, singing, reading books, painting, stamp collecting, swimming and many more.

I am a person who does not only do the hobby just for passing the spare time, but I choose the hobby which gives me satisfaction and mental relief. My hobby is painting. Painting is a source to express the emotion which the person had graphically.

I put my creativity in painting cartoons, comic characters, scenery and sketches of the famous personalities.

When I put the brushes of paint, I reached in the different world, a world of my imagination where no one is there to disturb me, I can put on the paper, whatever I had myself. Whenever I sit for the painting, a flood of ideas flows in mind, I am emotionally attached with all my drawing and painting, somewhere I relate it with myself.

My hobby makes me very much famous in the school as well as in housing society. Everyone admires me about my creation. I had decorated my school and my home in my beautiful art. Sitting in my room and feeling tose painting made by me gives me immense pleasure and relaxed my mind.

The guest who visit the school and to our home, call and give me some gifts for the imagination which I make on the paper. I always gift my parents a picture of a sketch made by me, on their birthday and anniversaries. They both always get emotional with that picture.

I didn’t attain any classes to enhance the creativity of my hobby, I learned it by myself and later got inspiration from my mother. Yes, surely I refer many different textbook and pictures book to grasp the idea of drawing from it.

Every day I learn something new to improve my drawing habit. Thanks to my imagination who make me so skillful artist.

My parents and relatives are suggesting me to turn my hobby into a career later on. Even I feel only earning money will not give me satisfaction but earning the money by enjoying the work is most important, and yes, in future, I will choose the drawing and painting as my career.

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