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My Garden

Gardening should be the habit of every citizen in India. We should always plant a tree for our better future only as there is a proverb that is “Go green Go clean” that means if the greenery is more than the pollution spread will be decreased.

As I too love gardening, plants are the best friend of the humans who never demand back. In my home, we have a balcony, with my room. It has the wide areas for our balcony.

My father advised me to make that place for the flower planting and pots in that area. He also helped me a lot for this work he teaches me that how to plant the trees or the plants.

Hiring the professional for the garden

It was my pleasure that, my mother is as fond of plants and flowers as me. She also loves to grow plants and flower and when I told her before that only she planted the flower in the garden.

After we got settled in the new place, we decided to shape the barren piece of land at our place into a garden. Since the house had been vacant since years the soil in the garden was not good enough to grow grass and plants immediately.

Before me, only my mother decided to hire a professional gardener. He worked on the soil for about a week during which he watered it regularly, used different tools to dig it and poured manure. Soon after, he planted grass and a few plants. We were delighted to see our little garden blooming.

The best time to spend

I often go out with my friends in the evening after my tuition classes before I plan to grow garden. It gives me respite after a long day at school and after the tuition. We go to the nearby Church to have some evening prayer and then we go for the long walk for the chit-chat with a friend.

But now while I do look forward to this time every day, I love spending the evening hours in my garden all the time. Many times, I call my friends to my place. We sit in the garden while my mother serves hot tea or the coffee and snacks. For me, it is simply the best way to spend the evening hours.

Growing the garden

I and my mother decided to visit the plant nursery to buy different plants for our garden. There were white lilies, colorful hibiscus, roses, pansies, sunflowers and bougainvillea and many more flower.

The saplings we brought were planted very carefully in different parts of the garden. The bougainvillea is a climber was planted by the support of the sticks. Within a month it climbed the stick and spread over it. The beautiful bunches of pink flowers that grew on it were a treat.

We decided to plant similar flowers in the same place. So the roses were planted in one corner. A row of lilies was set to close by and hibiscus plants were planted at the other corner of the garden. It all looked extremely beautiful. The plants soon found their roots in the garden and small buds began to spout.

Each time I saw a bud, I got extremely excited. Our garden was soon blossoming with flowers. The sweet fragrance of the flowers filled our house. As the garden plays a very important role in my life and I love to bloom many of the flowering plants in my garden.

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Updated: December 24, 2018 — 11:21 am

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