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Essay On My First Day At School For Class 6 Students – Read Here

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In life, we go through many phases but the school days are one of the golden days. A school is a place where we grow in some different way. The student gains some different experience when they go to school as the atmosphere is different from our home.

Maybe some of us have forgotten the first day of our school.

My Experience

My first day of school was fascinating. The memories are still running in my mind.

At Home

My Home The night before my school I was sleepless due to the sweet dreams of my school which I saw with my open eyes. As I was having a morning shift school, my mummy was telling me to sleep as I have to wake up early. Very late I fell asleep.

On the next morning, mom woke me up and gave me instruction and I followed that. I brushed, took a bath done my prayer. I was pleased with wearing a new uniform which was grey. I wore my new shiny black shoe. I took my new and big school bag which was brought by my father for my school. I was in love with the bag as it was having the picture of my favorite cartoon character which is a Barbie doll.

On The Road

Now, I was on my way on a bike with my father. Nothing on the way kept me so excited rather than the dream of my school. As the school was hardly 2km away from our house, soon we reached the school.

At The Principal Office

After arriving school instead of going directly in the class, my father took me to the principal’s office. As we entered the principal’s office, my father greets principal sir, and principal sir struck the bell and called peon. As soon as the peon came, the principal instructed him to get me to my class. I said bye to my father and walked along with peon.

 In The Classroom

When I entered my classroom, I was surprised to see a huge room and many students. My heart was beating very badly as everyone in the class was continuously staring at me as If was an Alien.

I was feeling very uncomfortable at that time within 3 to 4 minute a girl came and sat beside me and asked my name and also introduced herself too. By talking with her, I came to know that she was the monitor of the class and her name was Tina.

As soon as the class start the class teacher along with the other student welcomed me. The teacher wrote my name on the attendance register.

Lunch Break

In the lunch break, Tina asks me to join their group for breakfast. I found myself a bit open with Tina.

Leaving Hours

When the school ends, For a while it made me sad because throughout the whole day not even for a single minute I didn’t found myself as it was my first day.

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