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Each one of us has a favorite subject in school or college. This could be because of the interest in the subject on the way of teaching the subject by the particular teacher. Overall if there is a favorite subject you pay your hundred percent attention in that particular subject.

Students in School

Every student is different from the other no one has the same mentality or mind-set. If one student likes to do maths the other student would love to be a part of the science exhibition. We cannot expect any student to be in a particular section without any interest of its own.

Treating each of the students in the school love one or the other subject it could be any subject of their choice. The students must be loving maths, science, English or else drawing, craft whatever they love to do. This is totally depending upon their interest and I will of doing it.

As a Student I Love Maths

I am a student of class six I love the match in my class. When we have a great teacher teach us that subject. She explains to us so well that even if a person doesn’t like maths he or she can also understand it very well. An talking about myself I love match for a very long time.

Maths a subject where I find some kind of thrill in it. The thrill to solve that particular problem and show it to others. Maths is full of numbers and the person who understands the magic of numbers only they can love maths. You cannot expect every child to love maths because it is a subject in which not everyone feels comfortable with it.


As I told you that I love to solve the problems it gives me the thrill to do so. But I also love to help my friends who are not so clever in maths. I help to solve their problems and this is also a way of doing a revision myself.

Problem-solving is the best thing which I like in maths because in this high need to think in a different way. And to solve any maths problem you have to think with the logic behind it. You cannot expect any kind of problem which could not be solved through logic.

Exam Time

Throughout the exam the best exam which I love to attempt is maths. Where my friends are afraid of the sums or the problems which they have to face tomorrow.

Are used to be always excited for tomorrow’s paper. Well, this is not overconfidence but it is the confidence that makes me believe that I am capable of doing the maths problem by myself.

Apart from the exams which are conducted in the school.  I also participate in maths tournaments out of school. Where the people come from different schools and colleges to be a part of the maths tournament is a very exciting thing for a maths lover.

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