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As a kid, there are so many games which a kid can play in his daily routine. He can play all these games anywhere in school, in a society or a specific ground, he or she does not need any kind of special equipment to play their favorite games. But then too they have a specific favorite game in their life which is very close to their heart.

School Kid

As a kid, the most important thing in the school duration is having fun with their friends and playing in the school duration it is a kind of achievement for a school student to do so.

They don’t have any kind of problems while doing it, because it is the time when a kid does not have any kind of worries for their future, he or she can do whatever they want and play in their own manner, they are not restricted in the society to do anything as a kid they can enjoy in their own way.

Kids Are Specific With Some Game

Nowadays the kids are very specific with their particular game. If they love to play cricket, they join some kind of cricket coaching clubs which help them to improve their cricket skills and even the family members are very much sure to send them in this kind of programs.

Because they understand that the importance of sports is getting more and more in India and even if they are not good in the studies they can manage to get a better future in sports.

Hobby As a Career

Nowadays, the family does not force a kid to become something specific which is taught by the school and college. The families understand that if the kid is interested and has a passion for something they should proceed with their career into it because it will give them the motivation to words their work and they can give their hundred percent to complete this work.

Nobody will be required to pin them up to complete their task, they will be doing it on their own. Well, and if they are interested and passionate about their work they will give their hundred percent towards it so that they can make a better future into it.

Famous Games in India

Now, you must be thinking about how come a person can select one favorite game and proceed with their career into it. But as we know that India is a country which has multiple talented people into it. Indian people are very much aware of their decisions they can easily figure out the importance of their hard work.

They work towards the goal and the goal is not to have a perfect career the goal, is to make a career into their favorite game and it could be anything cricket, football and nowadays even kabaddi is one of the famous games which is played by the Indians, even on the national levels, so to figure out which is your favorite game you can read this essay.

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Updated: January 7, 2020 — 1:11 pm

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