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 As a person, we all love to play sports and the best sport which we can play in our daily routine to make our body fit and fine is football. You can never be unhealthy if we play football on a regular basis.

School Kids

As we know that most of the schools have their own sports ground and they make sure that the whole ground is utilized by the students. Most of the students have participated in different kinds of sports.

The most playing sports in school nowadays is football each and every kid wants to be a part of the football team. In the school duration well it is a passionate game.

They also get some benefits related to that, for example, they do not have to attend lectures if they are simultaneously playing or practicing for the football game. They can skip their home works and they will be not punished for that. There are a few benefits that they get while they are playing as a team of school football.                  

College Duration

After completing your school the second step of your life is your college. You are very selective to words your college and the stream which you selected. 

Now you have played for your school and represented them to the state and national level do you think that it could help you anywhere in your college.

Well yes, it would help you a lot. The college will consider you a special kid and give you all the necessary needs to make sure that you play as a team of the college. Even if your marks are not to the level of the other students you are a part of a very big game you are considered a special kit and give a direct admission.

This is called the sports quota this helps the students who are passionate to play and nowadays each and every college has given this opportunity in it. This makes them a representative of words a bigger goal.

Future in Football

Well, there are very few people who could complete their passion and work. But there are people who are working hard like others or even harder than the others.

Where others are totally focused on their studies they are totally focused on their football slowly and studiedly. They will reach the goal and that day everyone will talk about their hard work and give an example for it.

India has its own football team well the players who are on the football team are very common people. Who does not even had the proper guidance and the requirement things which they need while playing football? 

But then do they work hard to achieve their goal and today they are re-presenting the country India. In the world‘s biggest football tournament FIFA. 

Today India has created history by being a part of a very ancient game which is football and soon India is going to launch the girl’s football team also.

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