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Cricket is the most famous sport in nationally and internationally played in India. This is an obsessive game of India that is played with bat and ball. There are two teams in this game, and each team has 11-11 players. It is played by the two teams for the same goal of the number of runs and the highest score achieved.

In it, the team is the winner, who has the highest run at the end of the game. It has a ‘central work’ which is called ‘pitch,’ and it is played around it. It is played by a small open space of 68 to 58 meters and 2.64 meters of main play area in a very large open space and well-organized ground.

 Cricket Clubs

Cricket has become a popular sport in India. There are many cricket clubs in India; after football, cricket has become the world’s largest viewer today, this kind of catch on the Indian public that many cricket clubs have increased all over India. During the Cricket Club, these clubs play matches between themselves. These are the months of playing cricket October, November, December, January and February winters. While the remaining year is spent in training for the season.


Cricket is a very favorite and famous game of all. We love playing all the cricket and play it in the playground. It likes people of all ages, and this is a very interesting and suspicious game. There is no precise prediction that the team will win. Any team can win in the last minute, which boosts everyone’s enthusiasm.

People have their favourite team which they want to watch winning and people watch the match until the game ends and they get results. A big crowd of cricket fans comes in the grounds to watch cricket whenever there is a Test match or national-international level tournament.

Rules And Regulations

Cricket is not an easy game, yet the rules and regulations of cricket can be learned from regular practice. There are two main players in it, a batsman and the bowler, the batsman can play until he gets his wicket and the bowler can throw the ball till his overs are completed.

Before starting the cricket match, a coin would be tossed, and it would decide which team would bat first or bowl first. After the toss, a team is bowling first, and the other batsmen bat and after the end of one innings the bowling team will follow the batting given by the batting team.

Defeating and winning are two aspects of this game that make this game exciting and suspicious. This game becomes great when cricket fans lubricate the whole stadium on the fours and sixes of their favorite batsmen.

About Cricket

Young boys are very impressed with this game, and almost everyone wants to be a good cricketer. Although cricket is not a game of India, yet it is played with full joy and enthusiasm today. Cricket is played in many countries like India, Pakistan, South Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe, England, Ireland, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, etc.

Test match is five days in which there are two teams; each team gets the opportunity to play two innings, the team that makes the most runs, the winner becomes the same team.

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