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The favorite festival of all the kids and even the elders. This is a festival in which each and every person loves to be a part of it. Nobody is differentiated for this festival the happiness which we get by celebrating this festival is indescribable. 

When is Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi festival is mostly held in the month of September. This festival is mostly celebrated in India and that too in the state of Maharashtra.

It has a great crease of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi most of the people in India know about this festival and they be a part of it without fail.

This festival is full of happiness and joy in this festival the statue of Ganpati bought at home and stays there for a few days. Each and every day is celebrated as a festival in the house no one is there who is sad when Ganapathy is in the house.

The happiest person in the world is the kids at this time because Ganpati is mostly the favorite of each and every kid.

How Many Days Ganpati Are There

In Ganesh Chaturthi, there are some rules to keep the Ganapathy in the house mostly the people who bring Ganpati in the house are for 1 and 1/2 days.

Some also keep it for three and five days it depends upon how much they wish to keep there is no compensation behind keeping it in your house it is a festival which only makes your family happier.

Even the family members who are not with you. We call them at the same place and celebrate this festival with them for the next few days. You can say that it is a family gathering in your house without any occasion but a very important occasion.

Kids Are Aery Happy 

Each and every kid in this season is very happy the best thing in the kids are that they are not like the elders they are not tied up with the religion thing.

They can be a part of the festival by their will and it is never forced on them to be a part of it. If a Muslim boy even comes to this festival each and every person is happy to be with him.

The friend who came to his house on Ganesh Chaturthi is also ready to be a part of their festival. Well at this festival they get different kinds of sweets and so many things from their elders so this is also a reason that every kid loves to be a part of this festival.

Ganpati Wesurgeon

This is the end of the festival when the statue of Ganpati is poor in the water. Where each and everyone dances sing-song and be happy while the Ganapathy is going back to his home.

While dancing they shout in a very loud wait and see that they come early in the next year this is something which they do every year In Ganesh Chaturthi.

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