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Peacock is found mostly in green fields, and it is often seen near certain sources of water, hence it is seen more in an Indian village. Peacocks are also good friends of farmers because they eat insects and insects in crops.

About Peacock And Importance

The peacock is 15 to 25 years old; its wings are more than 1 meter in length. Peacock has about 200 feathers, in which the shape of a moon-shaped shape is made in which there are full colorful colors.

It usually sits on branches of tall trees like peepal, banyan, neem; it is a bird living in the group. Peacock is of great importance in Hinduism because the peacock’s wings have been held by Lord Shri Krishna on his head and also the vehicle of Goddess Kartik, son of Lord Shiva.

Regeneration Of Father And Its Demand

Its feathers are hollow, which were also used in the work of writing in early in ink. Its feathers are as gentle as any velvet cloth. Each year, new feathers come, and old feathers are flushed, its wings are used for decorative bouquets, hands are made to eat air in the summer, and nowadays it is also used in a variety of modern designs. Only some herbs are made from its wings, due to which there is a demand in their wings market.


Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan was impressed by the beauty of peacock and ordered the throne to be made like peacock feathers. It took six years to become the throne. It was brought from the country and abroad with valuable diamonds.

That is why people started hunting them, and gradually their numbers began to decline, then the Indian government banned its hunting under the Wild Act, 1972, giving protection to the peacock. Now if anyone hunt, then he will be punished with felony imprisonment it occurs. But even today this bird is hunted and the government needs special attention.


Peacock is males, while the pearl is female; The peacock is not so beautiful; Its wings are not small; The feathers are small, and their color is brown. It is also smaller than a peacock in the body. A small part of the pearl neck is found green. Pearl gives 4 to 5 eggs twice a year, one or two of them can only be safe.

Well Known About Climatic Condition

When monsoon arrives in India, the peacock is very happy, and he is happy to spread his wings and dance at a slow pace which is very beautiful to see and also quickly make the female happy.

Peacock bird is so cautious that whenever a natural calamity comes, she already knows it and she makes a loud voice and informs all the birds and people about it. You must have also seen many times earthquakes before it starts speaking in a loud voice.

Pride Of India

Peacock is our country’s pride. Please save it from being victimized because their number is decreasing day by day so people should know about the importance of peacocks. The government should take strict action to save the peacock‚Äôs life.

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