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Essay On My Favorite Game For Class 4 Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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Man has no time in his life to secure something, due to the busy schedule in his life by working and feeding the family has become the main motive. On the other hand, all the children are been busy in their studies in the school the after the tuition and homework, there is no time for the children to play we are also been very much busy. There is no time to play the indoor and the outdoor game.

Due to this, there is been only the stress in the life, my father made me advise that you should play some of the game, this will reduce some of the stress and this will maintain your body also.

 My Favorite Game

I played many of the game like cricket, tennis, hockey, football but from all this, the game which I loved was the badminton. The game of badminton made be so craze that every evening I removed some of the time for the playing purpose.

There is only the one winner in the game, playing the game also teaches us how to be strong and more and harder work in all the field. This game is called has the indoor game because there is no need for the big field and we can play in the small courtyard. There is the only need for the badminton and the shuttlecock.

There are many of the challenge faced by both the player, to defeat the opponent as there is only the one winner in the game. There are some of the rules of playing the badminton in the big levels, but here there is the only challenge of the winning and losing of the two people in the game.

I and my friend always be a part of this game and this makes both of us have the curiosity of winning, sometimes I lose and sometimes she but then to there is no sadness among us because we get the teaching that there should be the more hard work in some of the place and this makes my game more strong and confidence is been build.


There are some of the rules in all the games and the badminton also has some of the rules mainly I don’t follow but I am knowing the rules.

If the shuttlecock hits the net of our side then there is the point awarded to the opponent person.

In the national level game there are only underarm hits there are no overarm hits.

If there is the touching of the net and the racket or if the shuttlecock touches the body then it is been said as the fault in this game.

The game has only two rest periods coming to the form of a 90-second rest after the first game and a 5 minute rest period after the second game.

This is some of the rules I know about the badminton, but this is been only followed in the national level game. We only work on the basis of the winning and the losing, that is the more point basis is been the judge. So Badminton is my favorite game and I love it to play with my friends.

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