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The first hero of my life is my father. Every person admired him is to become like his father as a responsible and caring for his family. Father as someone who is always there for you and make sure that all your needs get fulfilled.

Always There to Help

Father is someone who is always there to help you with all your problems that can be related to your studies, your love once or financially.

All the fathers make sure that whenever the children’s needs any kind of help they can stand and support them with whatever they have, this is also one main reason that fathers are the role model of every child.

Girl Child

Every girl when she born, the first man who interaction with her as her father. She grows up looking at her father and admiring her father quality because later on when she wants to get married she always want that all the good qualities which her father has she can also see it in her husband so that his upcoming future will be bright and very comfortable with his better half.

Whenever a girl gets into any kind of problem for example if a boy is teasing her or she is facing a problem of getting permission from her mother she always look up to her father for his support and most of the time all the fathers do that support for their little girl’s father is always want that their little girl should be independent and self out in the society.

Family Head

Every family has a head and most probably it is the father who is the head of the family. Whatever decisions, whatever commitments we do in our day to day life we just do it because we know the head of the family is right behind us and he will support us with the situation.

Mother and father both are the most important part of our day to day life because this to like wheel of the vehicle if anyone get off the field is not working properly, you cannot admire your life is going smooth. Mother looks after you for your daily routine the father work at office 24 x 7 to just fulfil your dreams and your upcoming future.


Every couple who becomes a mother and father their responsibility increases and all the duties for the child is also something which we can’t even imagine. The parents never step back of their duty they make sure whatever situation it comes they will give the best to their children’.

Every day without fail our father works for us and after a certain age when we need to archive something bigger in our career that time a father is the one who supports us with everything he has earned in his life, all the savings, all the way connections he had in his life he use everything just to support you in your future dreams.

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