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Animals are innocent and loyal in this world of full of fake peoples. All the pet animal become the life of the person who cares about it and who take care. There are many of the people who always trouble the animals which are ben moving in the road.

Some of the people so rashly drive the car so that they don’t see the animals are crossing the road they go by them. Animals are the innocent, and hence they can’t talk we should understand the need of the animals. I love animals a lot. I can harm humans, but I can’t hurt the animals. As I have my pet animals that is my dog, his name is a tiger.

My Pet Dog

Tiger has been brought when he was of only ten days; he is the breed dog that is Lab. He is beautiful when he has been born, his color is brown, and he has gorgeous black eyes which attract a lot.

He was very much naughty when he was the small, due to the fear he ran under the Tv showcase and hind there. We haven’t decided his name then after some days, I taught many of the name for him such has sandy, brownie and many more lastly the name has been decided was the tiger.

My tiger is very much loyal to all the family member, and he only listens to my mother, sometimes the barks to us, but he never regret the saying of my mother.

Today he has become of 3 years, and he is very much naughty today also. He likes to play with the ball if he sees the ball he never lives it till the ball has been smashing from his big teeth.

 My Journey

I always take him for the round in the garden, and many of the children come near him. He likes the small kid very much; he never harms the little kids. He only barks when anyone unknown big person comes home, and his barking is so dangerous that many of the people afraid of him and they stand very far.

Tiger has become the part of our family member in the being we were only 4, and now we are five members including the tiger. He loves to eat sweet biscuit such as Good day, tiger biscuit many more but he doesn’t like Marine, but the doctor says that if he eats sweet more than there is the hair falling. But if I bring some of the other biscuits, then he never lives me to eat alone. He will look me like the innocent, and I give him all the cookie.

I can’t ever think of my life without him because I love him a lot and also all my family member. He plays with us, and he eats with us and the day without him will be like hell. So if he gets hurt, I also cry because I can’t see him crying. I love my tiger a lot.

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