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College, it is the place where we come after school for our higher education. Everything over there is similar to our school just the way of teaching is different. Few colleges even have their uniform that are represent them for their college.

School Days

Every child has the best days in school. They learn everything from their teachers and do have the guidance of their parents every minute. Students after completing their school then go to the college and explore their college life which is actually a good thing for all the students who complete their 10th.

College Days

After completing our college we select stream in which we want to pursue. This is the time when we understand what is actually going to be. After completing 10th in the school students go for their junior college which is 11th and 12th. After completing their 12th they get to select their stream in which they want to create their career.

College Life of a Student

Everyone thinks that college life is very hard to pursue because this is the crucial time when we had to think about your career. Eventually it is right but there are few things which people misunderstood.

College life is not only for the career and devotion towards the studies, it is also for the extra curriculum activities which can make your career boost. There are many other things in college life to do.

Separating From School to College

Well it is very hard to get separated from the school because you have spent more than 10 years of your life in the school. Now you are proceeding towards your college where you have to spend more than 5 to 6 years of your life to get master in your career.

It is hard to be separated from the school and pushed to go to the college.

College Activities

In college duration there are numbers of activities which makes you more creative and innovative thinker which also helps you in your career.

Even you can write about the activities in your resume so that they can understand what kind of person you belong to. This helps to explore your social activities with others.

College Examinations

In college examinations are not so different from the school examination. There is a professor who is in the class and make sure that we don’t copy, but most of the students still try to copy in case if they are caught by the examiner they have to leave the paper and leave the classroom if they are caught copying in the examination hall.

Sometimes the examiner let go of the students who were caught because they understand if they take the question paper and force them to leave the classroom it can harm to their career.

They take all the resources from which they were planning to copy and let them write the paper by their own and students are also informed that if you are caught cheating in the examination you will be punished for it.

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