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A teacher is considered as God because it is the teacher who develops the power of thinking and understanding within the student and makes them fit to fulfill their life objectives and achieve success. Today in this essay I will tell you about my class teacher.

About My Class Teacher

My class teacher’s name is Latika Deshpande, who is a good teacher of mathematics. Because of her way of the method of teaching and her influential personality, every student praises her.

Her best thing is that she treats all the students equally and treats all with great humility and mildness. She is very pretty, and always wears a saree while coming to school.

My Class Teacher Is My Idol

I consider my teacher Latika mam as my ideal and inspiration. She is a teacher who has full devotion, honesty, and perseverance and continues to work hard until a student becomes fit to achieve their objectives.

Her personality and character inspire me immensely, and I want to follow her ideals and move forward in my life.

I love My Class Teacher

I like the soft, gentle, kind behavior of my teacher Latika mam. She has overcome my fear on the subject of mathematics in a very easy and simple way and has helped me in strengthening me in mathematics.

At the same time, her unique and effective teaching style helps not only me but also to make every student capable and successful. She is the best teacher in school, I love her a lot.

Her Teaching

She never scolds or punishes any student for their mistakes, but rather explains to us and tells us to learn from our mistakes and guide us to move in the right direction and inspire us to succeed with our inspiring ideas.

Her way of teaching is very nice and easy, to which we all students understand the syllabus quickly. Every teacher should be like Latika mam. She is just the best.

My Relationship With My Class Teacher

She understands my personal problems as an elder sister along with studies and always inspires me to move forward with the right opinion.

She Is My Inspiration

My dear teachers treat all the students with great softness and caring and always encourage them to move forward in life and achieve their goals. At the same time, she has also helped all the students to develop their skills and to a great extent, she has made all the children’s worthy so that all of us can achieve our life goals.

My dear teacher not only inspires me to move forward but also instills positive emotion in me. Today, because of her, I can become idealistic and moralistic. And only because of her today I am the brightest student in my entire class.


I do not have the words how to thank my class teacher but I pray to God that is may get all the happiness of the world. Her big contribution is there to whomever I am today.

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