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From my birth till now I never left my city Mumbai, today I am 19 years old and living in this city and till now I never let my city alone, life in the Mumbai city are fast the people don’t know that who are living in their neighborhood and this is the fact.

The name of this city is Maya Nagri which means magic city and the people get the job according to their profession and the salary is also as per the work.

The Famous Place In My City

Very famous thing is that the Bollywood industry is set her only. Mumbai also boosts the historic past of the British. And it is the metropolis city of the country. There are many places

Gate of India


At the tip of the Apollo Bunder, the Gate of India is constructed in the year 1924 as it is bordered by the Arabian seas in the Colaba District. This is the famous monument built by the British to remind the people that the British came to the Mumbai also. This monument was designed by the Sir George the governor of Bombay.


Elephanta caves are the world heritage site in India wherein the entrance of the caves there is the sculpture of Lord Shiva and Swami Vivekanand, this place is also known as the garapuri. The art is done in the solid basalt rock, now many of the arts in this caves are been damaged badly. This was built in the 19th century. Many of the tourists come to see the history of our Indian culture.

Flora fountain

This fountain is located at the south Mumbai, the flora fountain is also called as the Hutatma Chowk. The name flora is given by indicating the Goddess of Rome, this was built during the British Raj in India. Many of the people come to see the beauty of the Roman goddess.

Prince of Wales Museum

This museum is the vastu sangralay of Great Shivaji Maharaj, here there are many of the things to see like the paintings, old sculpture, monuments from the olden time’s textiles, bronze, and many more things are been kept to see for the public to know about the history.

Marine Lines

It is the place where anyone can come and take the pleasant air in the sea coast, and the main things to look in the beach is the stones near the sea coast are amazing it is located at the south Mumbai. It is really the beautiful place for all tourists from abroad.

As I will never like to live my birthplace and go anywhere because the people here are very interesting they love to help each person if they need the help. Here there are many of the market surrounded so I like to visit the market which can’t be seen in any of other cities in India. This city is very wonderful as I want so I will never ever live my lovely place, as I love my city.


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