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This time my birthday came, the party started preparing for the house. Birthday is an important day for the birthday boy/girl. The surprises are given to them; the birthday party is a celebration to give a tribute to the birthday boy/girl with an all-important member.


Mother invited the neighbors for the birthday party. Dad invited friends and close neighbors on the phone. I also invited my friends to come home.

The charge of cooking was given to the cooks. Chairs and tables were invited to feed the guests. The house was cleaned and decorated with special decoration. The order was given two days before the cake.

Date Of Birthday Has Arrived

I was born on 26 January 1998 on Republic Day. After all, my birthday has arrived. In the house, there was a lively start in the morning. To thank God for the thirteenth birthday, I went to the temple with my parents.

When I worshiped God, then the priest imposed a tilak on the forehead and gave Lord lucidity. Father donated the poor people in the temple to me.


We returned home the party’s preparations for the house had started. The cooks were engaged in making powders, vegetables, desserts, raita, etc. The arrival of close relatives started. They have put in the guest room it was evening. Cake decorated in the large room of the house. Thirteen candles lit on the thirteenth birthday the people stood around the table with the cake.

Time To Cut  The Cake

I wear new clothes. My classmates and friends also came to the house. The gathering of the neighboring children in the house started. When I cut the cake, the people greeted me with a joint voice. The roar of room applause erupted. Mother fed me the cake.

They also make cake, sweets, snacks, and toffees but in all visitors. It was a very enjoyable sight. The balloons and paper decorations were hanging in the room. This scene was captured in a mobile camera.


Today I was in the center of every attraction. Uncle gave me the watch in the gifts. Relatives and friends also gave some gifts. Someone pen, somebody book and sweet, somebody gave a set of colors and brushes.

Gleaming colorful papers were wrapped on gifts. The whole room was leavened with gifts. I thank people for gifts instead of gifts. I would like to thank him instead of best wishes. Mom and Dad were busy welcoming guests.

Dinner Time

Now it was the turn of the feast. All the preparations for the feast had been made. The dinner table was decorated. The cook had prepared the food. The guests were told to eat.

I called my friends and sat in front of the table. Puri, casserole, vegetable, dessert, etc. were served. Everyone ate food by doing it. All were complimenting the food. Everyone was enjoying the party’s pleasure.

Party Is Over

The night was about nine and a half. Guests had eaten food. They started taking a one-by-one bid. After leaving the guests, the members of the house sat down and sat together. After that, the party is over. I was happy to see the gifts and started to cheer on. After all, gets over me and my family went to sleep.

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