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A teacher is a person who not only teaches the academic-related education but also sows the seed of moral value in their students.

Every teacher their student’s life plays an extraordinary role. They always want every student to become a successful human being. They teach us to become a responsible citizen of our nation, so there the country will be developed.

My Best Teacher

During my school days, I came across with many teachers all of them was doing hard work in imparting education to all the students and very very lovely but If I talk about my best teacher so it the miss Anupama madam.

Anupama teacher used to teach us science and math. First of all, her teaching method only makes her different from others, though she was teaching the harder subject she uses to make it in a simple and through the fun way.

We al student was always very excited for her lecture. She uses to treat every student equally.


Anupama miss nature was very calm. She always seems very pretty. If the child does not understand any topic, she used to teach them again and again even if not then she uses to call them in the staffroom and make them know.

If any child commits a mischevious thing in the class, she gives some unique punishment. She was giving them to write the science chapter from the textbook one time, with this the child was getting afraid of misbehaving in the class.

The main motive to give this writing punishment is to make the chapter learning and understanding.


Anupama miss always wears the simple dress of light color; as she is fair, the white color clothes suit her much. She doesn’t wear makeup at all, but during any function or celebration in the school, she is the one who looks most beautiful teacher among all.

Unique Personality

The reason which makes her my favorite teacher is her unique nature. The way she treated all the student was very different from others. She never makes me feel that I am studying in school, in her lecture, the home like the environment we all students think.

She not only teaches the academic-related topic but also impart the correct moral values in us. She also tries to make us a responsible human so that we will become successful in the future.

She tells us to always go with the truth and on the path of honesty, though the way is very difficult to walk, surely it will take us towards success.

She also teaches about respect and discipline with many stories and example. She always tries a new way of teaching, so naturally, we can understand the lesson.


Anupama miss has left her some moral stamp of her on me. She is the great personality whom I met after my parents.

I wish my best teacher could always guide me in my life. I am fortunate to have a teacher like her.

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