Essay On What is Music For Students & Children In Simple English

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Music is being said as the form of art through which someone can present their emotions through their expressions and by the harmonic frequencies. Music is a great way of entertainment for the people, and by listening music, it creates a great pleasure for the people, and some people find this music interesting, and they started to dance and because of all these their minds get fresh and they become happy as it is a major reason to get stress free and relaxed.

For playing the music and to create the harmonic sound there are many instruments of music that are being played by people for creating the sounds and to be entertained as all the different types of musical instruments sounds different and they are very pleased to listen.

As there are many musical instruments like piano guitar drums violin and many musical instruments are being thereby which people create sounds, and they also make this sounds by mixing the sounds with one another and create a great tune which would be great to listen for other people.

The Evolution Of Music

The tradition of listening music and creating the sounds is from the ancient times people in the past creates and makes their different types of sounds and Music as there were no musical instruments in the past they create their instruments and make their sounds in the world,music is being from the Greek word mousike and it is first played in Greek and the person who makes the music is known as a musician.

Music can also be said as the thing that is being organized by using the rhythm and melody as the music can create from anything as an example we can say while cooking someone bangs a saucepan it creates a sound and it can also be called as music.


From the past in this today’s present world music has been in a great form, and it has taken a great evolution from the past as there are many different types of musical instruments are developed for making different types of sounds and rhythm and the music is also being used in many traditions to celebrate things as well.

In this present world, there are many different forms of music that are being generated by the people as they are electronic music jazz music pop music and also many different types of music are introduced by people by their musical instruments.

Music In India

The trend of listening to music is all over the world as all the people like to listen to music and to dance on the beats of the music and there are different types of music that are being listen in different countries as well as in the other countries mostly the English songs are being listen some Spanish languages songs are being listen orchestra pop music are in a great trend in other countries but in India there is much classical music, and many kinds of music is introduced, and they are set in Bollywood, and many film industries and all the people like to listen to music and to dance in it and to fresh their mind and be entertained all time.

So the rhythm and song that have been created by the musical instruments gives great relief to the mind and listening music is a way of entertainment for the people and to be fresh all the time.

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