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India is one of the great countries and always feel very proud to announce that yes, I am Indian, my motherland is India. India is a country which gives high opportunities to everyone to prove themselves.

India as all those things, which may be other countries lack sometimes. There are some people who work in foreign countries due to some personal or professional reason, but whenever, they get the chance to visit their motherland, their face becomes brighter, nothing can compete with that feeling, it is just awesome.


Earlier, the British came to India for the colonization and started to rule over the country. But, due to the hard struggle of our great leader India became independent. There was a great freedom fighter who sacrificed their lives to gain independence. On the 15th of August,1947 India got independence.


Inda is a country which comes under the Asian continent. India ranks 2nd in the category of the most populated country after China. If we see according to the areawise than India ranks on the 7th position.

From all over the three sides, India is surrounded by water. In the east it has the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian sea has in the west and Indian ocean lies in the north region. The ranges of huge Himalayan mountain guards like a pillar in the north region.

Unity In Diversity

The people of India belong from different community, culture, and tradition but still, they live together, share the bond of love and brotherhood. There are many festival India which is celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion, no matter the festival can be of any community, but the whole Indian citizen celebrates it together.

Land Of A Great One

Many of the great saints such as Kabir, Mahavir, Gurunanak, Budda, Chaitanya, Raim, Manu all belong s from the Indian country. They spread the message of love, brotherhood, peace, and harmony.

Agricultural Country

The main occupation of Indian is agriculture. People who live in village practice farming. Still, 1/3rd of the population are living in villages.

It is the Indian farmer who does lots of hard work, produces the grain and different types of crops, and then transported to the other nation for their use — hats off to our great farmers.

Tourist Attraction

India ha became the vibrant rich tourist attraction point among the globe. People from different countries visit India, to see the historical monuments, temples, beaches, art gallery and many more.

We have the Taj Mahal which is also known as the sign of love. The monument was built by the emperor Shahjahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. Also, we have a Golden temple, Minaksi temple, Jyotirlinga, Sati Sthala, etc. In monuments, red fort, Qutub Minar, Char Minar, etc.

India is a place of pride and entertainment. Here not only elders but the child also get respects. Many great scientists worked and still working to make India a developed country. I am proud to be an Indian.

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