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Mother Teresa was a great personality within the country and outside the country. She had been the great person for all the poor people in our country, she was the simple lady with the wearing of the white saree with the blue border.

She spent her entire life for the service of the poor people, she always made her life to comfort the people who are been in the need who are in the slums. And she always preferred her life as the devotee and the servant of the needy people in the country.

Early Life

Mother Teresa was been born on 26th of August in the year 1910 at Skopje, Republic of Macedonia and got her birth name by her parents as Agnes Gonxha Bajaxhin. She was the youngest child of her parents, she was knowing that her family suffered a lot and struggled for the livelihood after the death of her father when she was very small.

There was very much bad financial condition of the people, then after she started helping her mother in the church. She was the great believer of the god and she always praises the got for the things she got and then after she lost.

After Coming To India

She came into India near to the place of Darjeeling and then after she learns two languages that are the Bengali and English. That’s why she is also called as the Bengali Teresa. Again she returned to the Calcutta where she joined the St. Mary’s school as a teacher of Geography.

She has been the Calcutta lady, once a while she has been walking in the street she saw and she noticed the tricky life of the people and their condition.

After seeing all the mess she decided to help the needy people, being the European lady she used to wear the white cheap saree. In the beginning, she started first to cover out the poor children by giving them the teaching of the Bengali alphabets.

She always wanted the best for the poor and the needy people and, therefore due to her great job some of the teachers appreciated her with the blackboard and the chair.

Lastly, the dream of the school became the truth of Mother Teresa, then after there was the great dispensary for the poor people where they can die peacefully. There was the great deed done by this great lady due to this only she became so much famous towards worldwide.


Mother Teresa was been also popularly known as “saint of our times” or “angel” or “a beacon in the world of darkness”. Because in this world of the darkness and the fake people there was the lady who has the intention to help the poor people without any of the profit.

As she became the mother of all the poor people, she always proved herself as the devotee of the god. So there was the lady who always worked for the betterment of the poor people in India.

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