Money Can’t Buy Happiness

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As we all know that the money as its power due to which we can fulfill our desire in an efficient manner, there are two type of people who are very much rich, and the other is the poor people, as the rich people can buy all the things that they wish but they can never fulfill the wish of getting happy from the power of money because the rich people have some of the problems in the life, so they worry about their life, on the other hand, the people who are poor there is no money in their hand, and they can’t fulfill the desire, but there is some kind of happiness in their life.

Some of the people think that they can buy all the things with the help of the money there is all kind of happiness as all the wishes can be fulfilled with the help of the money and the desire can be fulfilled but that happiness is different, and the happiness of the family is different.

Family Problem

There are many of the related to the family like if the family is very rich hen all the brothers in the family would like to have the more share, so there is the property problem to the family and the most important one is that there are some of the murder done for the property matter and this all create the problem to the family and happiness is lost from the family and then we can see that the money as the negative value in life rather there is no happiness, mostly the people who are rich they always face the problem of no happiness in the life.

We can learn the lesson from the poor people because the poor people always have happiness in their life but they are suffering from no money so they can’t fulfill their dream but there is no issue of the property in the small and the middle-class family, they leave in very good, and the joint family manner and these make the family get all the value of the family which should get to the family and the children.

As we all know the life is very short so till the time we are alive we should respect all the people, tradition, culture of all the religion and be in the unity with all this will help the people to leave happy.

As we all firmly agree that if there is a lot of the money but we do not have the proper health suffering from various disease than the money that the person has this will go for his medicine only, so there is no happiness in their life, and I too agree that all the things cannot be purchased from the wealth some of the things are should be purchased with the oneness, togetherness, patience and living with the happiness with the family rather than thinking of the property and the money.

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