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Technology, we all are familiar with this word technology we use it in our day to day life and we don’t even bother that how this technology has changed our lifestyle so easily we can’t even expect one day without the technology.

Types of Technology We Use

Industrial technology, alternative technology, creative technology, artificial technology, low technology, microtechnology, media technology, and information technology are the few technologies which I have mentioned in this essay. Well don’t think that there are only this few technologies which we are looking at there is a number of technologies which are right now working for us without giving any hard work.

Addicted to Words Technology

The young generation is now addictive to technology, they are so addictive that they can’t even imagine a day without their mobile phones. They can forget to eat a meal but they never forget to check their phone their laptops and tablets this is the addiction that all the teenagers and now also the experience people are getting attached with. Well, technology is a good thing if we learn something out of it but if we become the slaves of the technology it is the worst thing which we can imagine for a future.

Well, the addition of technology is not very different from the addiction of drugs and smoking or drinking. If a person cannot survive without all this he is really addictive do this thing. Well, we all know that all these things are totally harming to our physical and mental bodies same way even the technology is harming to us if we make it a bad habit only then it will harm.

Creating a Balance Between Technology and Nature

When we see nature from our eyes we just enjoy it but nowadays we don’t even think about going out and getting the natural view of nature. We have started watching all that on our mobiles and laptops.  Nature is totally getting disappeared because of it there is some or the other way to get a balance between technology and nature.

Technology Usage

If we see the technology has made us so comfortable that we can do the work of 10 days in just a single day. Before this technology, in the late 90s all the work was done physically and they used to take a very long duration to complete their work, but after the technology is been launched and everyone is getting familiar with the technology no one is having any issues and getting upgraded every second which helps the government and the people to stay a very better life.

On Pollution

The technology has given so many different things but also has given a huge number of pollution If we see that the technology has upgraded from every means it is a good thing but because of the upgradation the old machinery is our been a waste. Now that is why the owners of the factory are throwing their machineries as waste in Water thereby the pollution is increasing this is a very big issue to be solved.

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