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Science has made many inventions to improve the life of people. When the mobile phone was discovered, it changed the whole life of the people. Many of the work started happening because of mobile.

But if there are advantages to anything, then it also has some disadvantages. Something similar has happened with mobile too.

History Of Mobile Phones

The first use of mobile phones started in India during 1990. Initially, all the mobile phones that came in were as big as landline boxes. At that time the mobile phone used to have an antenna and due to that, the mobile phones were very heavy.

With the passage of time, mobile phones also became smaller due to which people started using mobile phones mostly.

Uses of Mobile Phones

In today’s time, mobile phones can do many things. Text messages and video messages are also done from mobile. There are many other features that a mobile phone offers like a calendar, clock, calculator, etc.

Because of the mobile phone, anyone can talk to their loved ones anytime, and all this is made possible by the mobile phone itself. We can also check in an email from our mobile phone.

We can also play games on mobile in our free time. You can also listen to music, watch video clips on mobile phones. If you like to take photos, then you can also take good photos from your mobile phone.

Everyone Uses Mobile Phones Nowadays

After the invention of anything, its value gradually decreases. The same thing happened with mobile phones as well and the price of mobile phones started to decrease gradually. Today mobile phones have become inexpensive and every person today has a mobile phone with them. This little gadget has attracted the whole world towards itself.

Advantages of Mobile’s


Today, crores of people are doing business in the telephone world are connected to each other only because of mobile phones. Doing business with the help of the cell phone has become a very easy task.

Location Detection

It is also a good thing to use a mobile phone that we can find any place. With the help of GPS technology in mobile, it tells all the information about any place. When we are traveling, at that time we can tell our friends where we are at.

Helpful in Sending Information From One Place To Another

You can send information easily from one mobile phone to another. You can send your photos, videos and some important documents to another device in a few moments. You can also store your important information on mobile.

A disadvantage of Mobile Phone

Wastage of Time

While using the mobile phone, people forget the time completely, people waste more time in the mobile phone than doing necessary things.

Harmful Diseases

Excessive use of mobile can also cause skin disease, cancer, and eye diseases.

Diverts Mind

 Using the mobile diverts the student’s attention completely from studies and some students even fail the exam.


 In today’s time, mobile has become an essential part of the life of people. If one day the mobile phone is not used, then many of the works of the people remain incomplete. That is why the importance of mobile has increased a lot today.

Updated: March 19, 2020 — 9:59 am

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