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Essay On Minority Right Day In India For Students – Read Here

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Minorities right day in India is celebrated on 18th December by the people of the united nation and this is the fact that there should be the proper rights given to the minor people because today the minors are exploited in very bad manner by the people in the country so to make them secure there should be the day to make the reminder that the minor people also have the rights if they are suffering from any of the problems.

Why Does The World Minority Days Are Celebrated?  

In our country there are many of the people of different religion, culture some are from the big families and some are from the small families so there are the problems created by the big caste people to the small group people on this day there are given the importance of the minority people because they are ignored in many of the occasion and on this day the people are gathered in the place and they are said that all the people are the same there is no difference because we all are the Indians and this should be given the equality for the people, and they should not be made like shame if they are the minority people.

There is the discrimination of the people in then by the caste, religion, color, sex, and many more things because all the people earn for themselves, so there is no discrimination of the people done, we should be in unity and never make the difference many of the people make the faces after seeing the people, government take this all the religion problem as the granted because during the election they make the people fight by taking the religious problem which is the bad impact on the public and the Country also.

There are many of the rights initiated by the government for the people of the country, and this is a very true fact that now the minorities are getting the awareness of their rights.

So India also makes the people live in the equality manner because this will only help the country in a bad situation.

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