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Memorable days in our life there are so many days which are passed some was good and some was bad, some was so enjoyable that we want to live that is again but it is not possible we can just keep that memory is with us and move forward.

Are Not Planned Memories

In our life many things happened all of a sudden and we are not aware of what is coming next. We got just surprised by what ever is yet to happen if it is a bad thing we will try to forget it and if it is a good thing we will always make sure that we remember it because there are only few times that we remember something good which was happened with us.

The Memories of Event

In our day to day life we went through many events for example it can be a school event acknowledgement or a officer and most of the people don’t even remember how many events they went through. But in case anything happens special in that event they will remember it for lifelong this is something which is called as memorable day.

We always admire that day which they have spent will never written so they just have one way they can keep that day his memory and happiest day of their life.

Worst Memories

Every person in this world have best memories and worst memories. Most of the people will only remember the worst memories of their life but is it the right way to live your life.

You should always remember the best part of your life and there are few days when you need to remember the first situation you have faced but after completing that you are not in that situation anymore so never feel that pain again in yourself.

India’s Worst Memories

Well India has faced so many difficulties and so many worst memories that we cannot explain all of them in this essay but we will try to complete few important points so that you can understand what does worst memory means.

For example India was ruled by Britishers for more than 200 years after the Britishers left India, India was in the serious crisis after this. The worst memory which we can remember is the death of a great leader Mahatma Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi was shoot by Indian person there are so many worst stories which I can explain you right now but it is not something which we should remember and look forward for our future.

Nature of Memory

Well we all want to be happy but it is not so easy to understand how we can be happy. It is totally depend upon the nature of the person if the nature of the person is calm happy so that he will remember only the happy memories of his old days. When compared to another person who is not so happy with his nature you will always find one or the other bad memory to be sad.

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